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Post the First

Hello, or, as all good stories begin, Once upon a time: This is the story of a girl, who we’ll refer to in the first person, both in the nominative and accusative cases, as it is me who is the subject of this tale. I, a home-grown, small-town, and other such Little House on the Prairie -esque adjectives, am leaving my beloved East Coast province of Newfoundland and Labrador for the Western glory that is British Columbia. That’s right – I’m traversing over 7000km, the entire expanse of the massive Canadian countryside, to begin my Masters of Arts degree from the University of British Columbia. Although it may seem that I am undertaking this journey from St. John’s, the most eastern Canadian city, to Vancouver, the (almost) most western city in Canada, to get as far away from home as possible, ‘tis not the case. UBC offers a Masters of Arts in Children’s Literature, under the School of Library, Archival, and Information Studies. This program is relatively new and is not offered any