Post the Fourth - I'm a Stranger Here Myself

I am completely anonymous here.

Well, I suppose, I’m not completely unknown here. I have a few friends from Newfoundland who’ve made their home, some temporarily, in the Greater Vancouver Regional District. But on campus, aside from my room mates and a few girls I’ve met so far, I’m essentially The Invisible Man on campus. And I love it.

For the last six months of my undergraduate degree, I really felt exhausted. Not only was I tired from school work and the late nights and coffee highs that come along with it, nor was I just tired of working two or more jobs in addition to a full course load. I was tired socially. I know that sounds weird or ungrateful or pretentious, but hear me out: People are my drug. At MUN in my classes and various jobs, and especially at the Writing Centre, I found people who nourished me mentally, emotionally, academically, and spiritually. And, like an addict, I threw myself into my substance, my people “crack,” if you will. I loved it. I loved seeing someone I knew every two minutes, grabbing a coffee during every 30 minute break. It was a high for me. I was hyper-aware of my surroundings, waiting to see who I’d run into next and catch up with over a $4.99 Starbucks latte.

But as everyone knows, you eventually crash from your drug high. My last semester at MUN, I crashed hard. I was drained in every possible way a human can be, and I needed out. I needed a fresh start. I needed to be able to walk around, sit on a bench, and have an hour of complete aloneness. I honestly can say that before this week, I can’t remember the last time I sat in a public place and actual focused on what I was reading without looking up every minute to see if I knew anyone in the building.

So being here at UBC is such a pure, unadulterated beginning for me. The weather is nice, the campus is beautiful, there is the unmistakeable air of academic anticipation. I’ve only had two classes so far, but I am intrigued by them. My class on children’s literature is my only English class this semester, and I’m glad I have it because I’m already missing being an English student. The professor has the historical knowledge of Loman and the wit and edge of Lokash, so I am in safe hands with her. I’m also taking a course about literary theory and criticism in relation to teaching children’s lit, which promises to be a class filled with excellent discussion, plus the prof is sweet and gentle. This is what Michael Scott would call a Win-Win-Win situation.

As promised, I shall post some pictures of the new pad for y’all. This is my bed, complete with socks and tissues:

And this is my desk. As you can see, I've been enjoying myself some Extras:

This is the shelf that I put together all by myself with a screwdriver, a laundry basket, frying pan, and a flip-flop:

My closet, neater than it's ever been at home or ever will be again:

A poster that my dad bought me. It says "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford." So true, Samuel Johnson. So true.

And, lastly, this is the view of my room standing by the closet and facing the window:

It's a fairly dandy room, all in all. I'm happy with how it looks and it feels cozy. All I need now are Millie and my entire book collection to feel fully settled.

Goodnight, etc.


Moulie said…
Hi Stranger: Believe me, you won't be a stranger in the big city for long - with your personality (and good looks), you'll be dining and drinking more Starbucks coffee with new friends than you ever did at MUN (ha)! Goodbye freedom!! I am glad you are enjoying it though.

Your room looks great! And you are right, the closet is a lot more organized than your own in Mount Pearl. Oh, by the way, I have started to use your closet for some of my own clothes, but there's still lots of your clothes there. I noticed your uniform is still there. Can I wear it when I join the songsters?? Just kidding!!

Take care - keep the postings coming.
Glenda said…
Thanks for posting pictures of your room. It looks very cozy. Glad that you are enjoying your "aloneness" (is that a word) in such a big city. I enjoy being alone for the most part. There is something good about it for sure.

I literally laughed out loud when you said how you put together the shelf....with a frying pan and a flip flop. That's hilarious! I can actually picture it. You're a real woman Jillian....forget the tools! SO FUNNY!

Keep the posts coming. I am enjoying them.

Love ya, Aunt Glenda
Steph said…
Yay! I'm excited for the pictures! Your room looks great.
Now tell me all about the UBC campus!! Am I completely in my right mind to be trying as hard as I am to get accepted there? (I just finished fine-tuning my schedule so that I'll have completed every prereq UBC wants!)

Unknown said…
Love your blog, Jillz. Hope you have a great time in Vancouver, as I'm sure you will.

Get to know people, make lots of frineds ... no ... scratch that. Stay anonymous. It's more fun, less pressure.

Uncle Wayne
Unknown said…
That makes me happy.

PS: You are an amazing writer. Please write a book so I can read it. Thanks :)
Love you!

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