Post the Ninth - A Day in Pictures

 I don't take pictures very often for several reasons: 1) I forget a lot, 2) I'm not a very good photographer, and 3) my camera is so old that it's almost an embarrassment to be seen with it. I mean, I'm past the Polaroid stage, but my friend has a phone that has more megapixels than my camera. Pitiful. But anyway, I figured that I might want some photographic memories of my time at UBC, or my life in general, so I should sometimes take pictures. Yesterday was one of those days. So, as a special treat, I thought I'd post sort of a "Day in the Life" type post.

And so we begin where, arguably, most days start: the morning. When I wake up, this is normally the first thing I see:

A poster given to me by my father as a sort of house-warming gift. It reminds me of England and how much I love it and, consequently, how much I miss it. 

In the mornings I usually get up and make coffee and stare out the window while sipping on my cup of sludge (I still haven't mastered making it yet). It's very Parisian of me. Sometimes my room mate Joey and I meet at the window and chat. It's nice.

There was also this great poster in the living room when I arrived. I'm a fan.

So as I'm staring out the window, remarking about the sun and/or rain (yes, sometimes both), this is what I see:

After I've showered and eaten and read the Zeitgeist on, I head off into the day. Yesterday I had to check the mail in the morning, which I don't always do because I don't get any mail here, so I got to walk by the fountain outside of the Marine Drive Global Lounge.

Every day I'm reminded how beautiful this campus is. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a garden as opposed to a university campus.

This is the most colourful building on campus. It reminds me of St. John's and Europe at the same time. I like it, in any case. It has character. I have no idea what it's called or what it's used for, but that's neither here nor there, really.

The UBC Writing Centre!! Yay! It looks like it's in a log cabin, like all the buildings of the Ponderosa complex. 

There are squirrels all over campus. They are completely domesticated and not afraid of humans at all. I almost petted him, but then I remembered rabies and that this squirrel was not a cat, so I left him to his lunch.

Just passing the library. Note the mountains in the distance. This means that we are facing north! I am a quick learner...

This is a glassed carriage that I have yet to figure out the significance of. Usually I'm too late to stop and try to find a plaque with information on it, and yesterday I was taking pictures, so it remains a mystery.

The Buchanan Building C. I have to walk through here to get to my class in Building D.

These are the steps to get to the skywalk. There are 5 Buchanan buildings, and they are terribly laid out. It took me about a week to figure out how to get to my class. 

I had to snap this picture of the hallway really fast, as there were people behind me and I didn't want them to think I was a creep. But I guess I sort of am, because I still took the picture.

More stairs! My classroom is just around the bend, but I couldn't take pictures because the hallway was filled with students sitting on the floor. I had to draw the line of creepiness somewhere.

After class yesterday, I walked to the Student Union Building to meet Jeanette at the bus stop. She was coming to visit before she took off to Newfoundland for Jess' wedding. This is the I.K. Barber Learning Centre, where the SLAIS is located (I have a special key to get in and everything).

I read Peter and Wendy for a bit while I waited.

Found Jeanette! And also found Ashley, another friend from Newfoundland who moved here to study physics. We had a grand old reunion and went to my place for lunch and the watching of Glee.

Before Jeanette left and my last class of the day, we took a short walking tour of campus. I made her pose in front of things. It was wicked sunny, so she squinted a lot.

After class, I headed back to my unit. I found this piece of Native art that I hadn't seen before. I think it's pretty cool.

Fall is in the air here! I have never seen so many different coloured leaves before, so I had to take the requisite picture with my feet. (I'm back to the Keds; giving my poor feet a rest from breaking in new shoes.)

The sun was setting as I headed back to get some supper. Beauty, etc.

So there you have it. I hope to take more pictures and maybe post them, someday. I think Saturday is supposed to be nice, so Michelle and I might take in Stanley Park. I'll definitely take some pictures then, too.

With good intentions for future photography,


Moulie said…
It looks great! A little different than MUN. Keep the pictures coming. Love your blogging.
"Yesterday I had to check the mail in the morning, which I don't always do because I don't get any mail here..."

Pretty sure I've already made THAT statement untrue once (and there's more where that come from!)
Aunt Janis said…
I like this "Welcome to my World" in pictures....I feel like I've been with you all day !! Your apartment...nice..very nice. The campus is very zen-like , with the gardens, fountains , etc...I could do a parody at SWGC/MUN campus, excavator ,gravel piles, rocks, graffiti plywood fences, NO Parking....ANYWHERE !!...parking ticket on my windshield.............Love your blog Jillian ! x Aunt J
Alex K said…
Oooh the campus is so gorgeous! Loved this photo tour. Particularly the writing centre pic.
jeri said…
Hi Jill,

I'm a staff with the UBC Writing Centre and I'm currently re-vamping our blog website. Would it be possible for us to use the photo you've taken of the Writing Centre Building?

Let me know! You can contact me at:


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