Post the Eleventh - Death by Cycling

Bit of a late post today, but I was out and about all afternoon, and this is the first chance I’ve had to write. I made a commitment to write every day for seven days, and I cannot betray my homage to Wheezy!

Today I met Michelle and we planned to rent bikes and cycle around Stanley Park. Dad wanted to do this when he was here, but I bailed at the last minute because I freaked about my ability to ride a bike. I wanted to try and overcome this fear, however, and decided that I wouldn’t hurt to at least give it a go. I mean, I rode a bike when I was younger (albeit poorly), and I ride bikes a the gym all the time, so I couldn’t be that bad, right?


Michelle bikes around Vancouver often, so this was nothing new to her; but as I donned by helmet, I knew the worst was awaiting. I was a bit shakey at first, it being, oh, 13 years since I last rode a bike. But the longer we rode, the worse I became! I couldn’t steer and I almost crashed into Michelle at one point. What made it worse was that the day was so beautiful and perfect for a stroll in the park that everyone and their dog (literally) decided to cycle around Stanley Park today. People were yelling “Excuse me!” and ringing their pretentious little bike bells as they whizzed past, taking photographs and eating pie. And I struggled forward, grasping the handlebars for dear life, sweat trickling down my face from a combo of heat and fear.

At one point, the narrow bike path merges and becomes a joint pedestrian and cyclist path, just as it rounds the bend of a grassy cliff running alongside the water. Such was my terror of falling down the hill and into the Vancouver harbour that my hands were shaking uncontrollably. Like, really. I am a piece of work.

Thankfully Michelle is a saint and let us walk the bikes back to the rental place. We took advantage of the rest of the afternoon and strolled around Robson Street, hunting for celebrities and athletes. No luck today, but we’ll keep trying.

ANYWAY: I realized that I’ve yet to pass judgement in written word about the new season of Glee! I’ve been listening to “Billionaire” and “Stronger” all day (no joke - something like 20 plays each on my iPod). So here are my thoughts:

The first episode lacked any solid plot, or even theme of songs, except maybe “songs that the general public really likes so we’ll cover them on the show to appeal to North America at large.” And that’s a stupid theme. But I still really loved the covers, and I really like the new kids, Sam and Sunny. I hope they come back in future episodes. The second episode was a bit better, plot-wise, but still an insane stretch. But that’s the norm for Glee anyway. I liked that the background characters, Brittany and Santana, got their time to shine. Also died over Artie singing “Stronger.” And I laughed out loud a lot throughout the entire episode. My verdict? Glee is back on track!

I must go separate my laundry, pre-washing, now, but I have to send virtual congratulations to my friend Jessica Whelan who became Mrs. Thomas Cann today! Yay love!


Ben said…
I personally enjoyed Empire State of Mind the most, and I am mildly offended that you chose not to mention it for all the world to see.

Brittany is mine and Dad's favorite character. She has been since she defined "ballad" as "a male duck".
LOL^n at your bike riding.

I feel for Michelle. At least you didn't run in to her on skis at the bottom of a ski slope....or did you?

All the same though, I am proud of ye! you have more guts than me! You should keep at her! you'll get the hang of it!

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