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An Unoriginal Crisis

Why, hello! Another blog post so soon? Who are you, and what have you done with the real lazy author who normally waits ice ages between posts? There is a simple explanation for why I've taken to blogging again so soon - I am procrastinating. Naturally. I have several assignments due in the next two weeks, I haven't left my house all day and consequently "got dressed" by changing into different PJ pants, and I am tired of trying to simultaneously contain and create passion for a illustrated book into 115 words. And so here we are. Millie caught in the act of procrastination! I've been thinking about how much people change, and how constantly we do it. I used to think that some personality traits are inherent and never leave you, no matter how many experiences you have, who you meet, or what tragedy befalls you. But now I'm not so sure. I used to be really decisive. I would make decisions before I'd heard all the options, and I felt confident and s

Epic Blog Fail

Hi, remember me? I used to write a blog. And then February happened. All month I have been existing in various sloth-like states, alternating between wandering aimlessly around Vancouver to sitting in bed for three days watching downloaded TV series. I was feeling pretty terrible about my complacency and inability to force myself into something other than sweats until I realized that this is not unusual. Every February since I started my post-secondary education has been spent in varying stages of hum-drumity. In 2008 I lay in bed every night after school watching TLC until I had convinced myself that Evan Farmer, host of the terrible While You Were Out  home makeover show, would marry me if only I stopped eating rice cakes in bed. There's something about this month that makes me useless. However, I may have nipped the February TV Addiction of 2011 in the bud by taking a vacation. I decided to head to Ottawa for reading week to visit some friends and be a tourist in our nation&

Contented Jillz is Content

Happy February! I kind of can’t believe that we’re already into the second month of 2011. I’d forgotten that it was 1st until I went to buy a coffee at the cafe in the Learning Centre and I was greeted by pink sugar cookies, red velvet cupcakes, and heart-shaped shortbread dipped in chocolate in a wicker basket at the counter. I was there yesterday and there had been nothing in any shade of red on the pastry counter, so I knew that this must be the "Single's Awareness Month". I feel like I haven’t much to write about because the past month has been pretty much drama-free. I had a bit of a panic attack the first week back to school because I had missed a few classes and already felt behind, but that’s been sorted out. I haven’t been doing much , I suppose, if we’re to look at ways that I’m changing the world. Which are none right now. I’ve pretty much spent the past three weeks reading, watching Fringe , going to class, and taking long strolls around UBC and Vancouver.