Epic Blog Fail

Hi, remember me? I used to write a blog. And then February happened.

All month I have been existing in various sloth-like states, alternating between wandering aimlessly around Vancouver to sitting in bed for three days watching downloaded TV series. I was feeling pretty terrible about my complacency and inability to force myself into something other than sweats until I realized that this is not unusual. Every February since I started my post-secondary education has been spent in varying stages of hum-drumity. In 2008 I lay in bed every night after school watching TLC until I had convinced myself that Evan Farmer, host of the terrible While You Were Out home makeover show, would marry me if only I stopped eating rice cakes in bed. There's something about this month that makes me useless.

However, I may have nipped the February TV Addiction of 2011 in the bud by taking a vacation. I decided to head to Ottawa for reading week to visit some friends and be a tourist in our nation's capital. It was an amazing week! I did all the requisite touristy stuff - Parliament, Museum of Civilization, National Gallery, Canadian War Museum, Winterlude ice sculptures, eating Beavertails on the Rideau Canal. All that stuff was great and interesting. But I also got to spend time with dear friends from the Rock, and that was definitely the highlight of my week. It's just nice to be with people sometimes who know your history and your friends. It feels so comfortable, natural. It fits.

This is a half-hearted entry, of that I am fully aware. But I haven't slept much since last Thursday (Newfies certainly know the value of watching movies at 2am) and I'm trying to catch up on all the school work I've ignored for the past month. I am alive and well, Blogspot, and I will be posting more soon.



Anonymous said…
It relieves me that I am not the only one feeling this way this month! Every year I think I am the only one and life is so terrible and I am so freaking lazy and not getting anything done... and then I'm like wait. Everyone else is like this too, and it's OK! My prof last week said "never quit in February, everyone hates their life in February." haha And it's true! Thanks for the reminder. Hope you get it all done!

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