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Happy February! I kind of can’t believe that we’re already into the second month of 2011. I’d forgotten that it was 1st until I went to buy a coffee at the cafe in the Learning Centre and I was greeted by pink sugar cookies, red velvet cupcakes, and heart-shaped shortbread dipped in chocolate in a wicker basket at the counter. I was there yesterday and there had been nothing in any shade of red on the pastry counter, so I knew that this must be the "Single's Awareness Month".

I feel like I haven’t much to write about because the past month has been pretty much drama-free. I had a bit of a panic attack the first week back to school because I had missed a few classes and already felt behind, but that’s been sorted out. I haven’t been doing much, I suppose, if we’re to look at ways that I’m changing the world. Which are none right now.

I’ve pretty much spent the past three weeks reading, watching Fringe, going to class, and taking long strolls around UBC and Vancouver. I’ve finished 10 novels since January 11th - granted, they’re all young adult and most were re-reads, but still! That’s taken up a lot of time. (I should note that these are simultaneously for school work and for pleasure. It’s nice mixing both). I’ve watched almost two seasons of Fringe, but that’s because I seriously can’t stop. I love Walter, the old, crazy scientist. He calls his assistant, Astrid, everything but her name: Asteroid, Asterisk, Ostrich, Aspirin. He cracks me up.

I’ve had a fair share of outings with friends, of course. Coffee, dinner, movies, walks, window shopping, going to the gym. I’ve had friends over for supper and tea, hiked down to Wreck beach and back, and ridden the Skytrain for extended periods of time because it’s fun.

I do miss my community back home sometimes. I get invites to different events on Facebook - lectures, parties, shows, book launches, gatherings - and I wish I was connected here like I am at home. I think that is partly why I had such a rough time last semester; I thought I would move here and have instant connections. But I’ve realized that it took me 23 years to build the networks I had at home, and it took me four years to find my footing at MUN. I can’t expect the intricate network I had at home to replicate itself here in three months.

So now that I’ve accepted that, I’m much more content. I go to lectures, and I’ve signed up for mailing lists for societies. I’m slowly meeting new students and professors and educators. It’s a slow process if you do it right.

Also, and I know I keep talking about the weather, but I really believe that the fact that I’ve seen sun almost every day is totally keeping me in good spirits. I’m not necessarily one who subscribes to the Seasonal Affective Disorder deal - why is everything a disorder now? - but I definitely believe that your body and soul wilt without sun. I can’t remember feeling this good, kind of in general, in any Winter semester. It’s really hard to feel crappy when the sun is beaming down on you and you don’t even need a coat in the middle of January. In Canada.

Only 14 days until Valentine’s Day, my friends. Whatever shall I wear?



Unknown said…
hahaha. I like your labels. They're great. And so are you!
Tammy Williams said…
When I was single, I wore BLACK;)
Wayne said…
Enjoy your blog very much! You have a unique and refreshing way of expressing thought.

Keep it up!

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