"Knot" For Me

Day 04 - A Song That Makes You Sad

There are two songs that I find almost impossible to listen to because they are so sad. The first is Chicago's "Hard Habit to Break." I find it so heartbreaking because the singer isn't begging his ex-lover to take him back. He doesn't even blame her for moving on; he takes total responsibility for their breakup. But even though it's been so long since she left him, he's still "addicted" to her, and he's just sad about it. It's just an honest ballad about loneliness and regret.

The second song that makes me wince when I hear it is Gershwin's "But Not For Me" from the musical Crazy for You. I remember listening to Jackie French, who was playing the lead in O'Donel's production of the show, sing this song with such passion in our dress rehearsal that I started sobbing in the Arts and Culture Centre during the dress rehearsal. The last line of the song is so raw:
"The climax of the plot / Should be the marriage knot! / But there's no knot for me"



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