I was out at Whistler this weekend with Steve and Paul, so I missed posting yesterday. There will be a post about that soon, complete with pictures, but for today I'm going to double post: day 05 and day 06 of the song challenge.

Day 05 - A Song That Reminds You of Someone

A lot of music reminds me of a lot of people, but for now I'll go with *NSYNC's "Pop." A lot of music from this time in my life reminds me of when Kayla, Jana, and I hung out all the time. In particular, "Pop" reminds me of Jana because she would do this chair-dance move during the chorus that made me laugh. A lot.

Day 06: A Song That Reminds You of Somewhere

Again, I have two songs. I've heard it said that the sense of smell has the strongest connection to memory, but I disagree; I believe sound does. I associate a lot of my adventures and important times in my life with the music that accompanied the occasion.

Coldplay's X&Y album came out the summer of the second year I worked at Camp Starrigan, so I associate a lot of that album with that summer and the people on the staff. In particular, the song "Talk" came on the radio one night when we were driving back to camp, and everyone was quiet, dozing from a long day, and the sunset was painting the sky, and it was a peaceful and beautiful moment.

"Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)" reminds me of my summer in England. Every night when we'd walk back from the train station, I'd pass one of my earbuds to my friend Krysta and we'd dance back to our rooms, grooving to this, my "theme song." It was always late and people were always tired and cranky, but we listened to Mika almost every night and danced uphill. It's one of my favourite memories.



Heidi said…
I remember "Talk". That was such a beautiful time in life. Every now and then I wish I could jump into my pensieve and take in all those times again- chicken fights at Malcolm Brown, the tiredness, the fulfillment, the family we made of ourselves in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I guess we've got to relish every moment of life and appreciate the beauty of the now...but I can't help being a nostalgic sap every now and then :)

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