"It's your fault for running holding diamonds"

I'm mega behind on my music posts. I KNOW. I went to Victoria this weekend to visit Thea and the Island one last time before going home. I also have two big papers to write and I've been trying to pack and organize and see people. Hectic, busy, lots of mixed emotions going on.

But who cares about any of that?! Onto the songs!

Day 17 - A Song You Hear on the Radio

I rarely listen to the radio anymore, since I haven't been able to figure out how to fix the settings on my iPod dock station. But whenever the radio is on in the car, I guarantee I will hear Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me." For the record, I hate this song. It's so over played and generally gross.

Day 18 - A Song You Wish You Heard on the Radio

Canada doesn't play enough British music. I've been sort of in love with this band Feeder since Christmas, and I would love to hear "Tracing Lines" on the ol' airwaves at some point. It'd be a miracle.

Day 19 - A Song From Your Favourite Album

THIS WAS REALLY TOUGH. I'm yelling for emphasis. I know that people say iTunes killed the idea of the "album" with the ability to pick and choose what songs you want to buy from an album, but there are still some albums on which I love every song. I finally chose Starfield's The Saving One, because the music, lyrics, and raw emotion is just overwhelming. I listened to The Saving One exclusively for three months last year, and I'll still turn it on now when I'm not sure what else I want to hear.

(Finalists for this category: Coldplay's X&Y, Lifehouse's Stanley Climbfall, Billy Joel's Storm Front, and downhere's Wide-Eyed and Mystified)

Day 20 - A Song You Listen To When You're Angry

I bought Anna Nalick's CD in grade 11 because it had a song called "Catalyst" and Steph and I thought that was hilarious and nerdy (plus I liked chemistry back in those days). It's turned out to be one of my go-to albums, especially the song "In the Rough." The whole album is about being a strong, independent woman who can hold her own and is pulling herself up from a dark place and coming out stronger and more beautiful. I like that. "In the Rough" makes the promise that her raw and wounded heart will someday heal, and love will find her again in her real and untamed place.

Countdown to leaving Vancouver/returning to Newfoundland: 9 days



Unknown said…
Saving One... Good choice :)

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