This Is What I Call "Multitasking"

Right now I'm "working on a paper," posting this blog, and watching Iron Chef America. I don't recall if I've ever posted about my love of the Food Network; I should. Because I really, really love the Food Network. I spend more time willing Bobby Flay to make something without chilis than I do watching cat videos on YouTube. And both take up a significant amount of my time.

We're nearing the end of the 30 Day Song Challenge!

Day 26 - A Song You Can Play on An Instrument

Since there isn't much brass music that I've played on YouTube, I've gone for the painfully beautiful "Two Beds and a Coffee Machine" by everyone's favourite Savage Garden. I actually don't know if I can play this on a piano anymore, but I used to be able to tickle the ivories with this sad tune.


PS - 4 days, OMG


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