I've been working on this paper for the past four days, and I have progressed through several different stages of writing it. First, I was resigned to getting it finished in two days.

By day two, I was annoyed and bored of the topic, so I started experimenting with photobooth and imagining what life was like outside of my room.

Last night saw the climax of dispair. I sat at my computer, balancing different books on my head, praying for osmosis of text to finally work and an entire source to be fed into my brain.

After four hours of sleep, I woke up this morning with a resolve to finish this paper in record time. Chocolate and caffeine: power foods. I think that's in the Canada food guide or something.

Day 27 - A Song That You Wish You Could Play

I'd definitely like to play guitar, and Andy McKee is (are we using this expression anymore?). I wish I could play anything like he can.

Day 28 - A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty

I dunno, man. Not much music makes me feel guilty. However, who doesn't hear John Lennon's "Happy Christmas" and feel like giving a little extra to the Salvation Army kettle?



Anonymous said…
Hahahaha I LOVE you!!

You are coming home sooooon , please reserve a coffee date with me before I leave!!
Your facial expression in the cherry blossom background photo is priceless.
Unknown said…
I am also praying for the power of osmosis...
Aunt Janis said…
Hey crack me up ! I love the one where you appear to be attending the cherry blossom festival in Japan...(subjective)...& I too have tried to absorb information with my Head & Neck Anatomy book atop my head...(you might also try sitting on your book.....assmosis ! I don't think "dabomb" is trending anymore...what with Libya, & the Conservatives blowing up. The guitar piece is #winning, War is Over ? - optomistic, yet ...Idon't know...I'm "following" yoko ono on's worth a tweet ! Love u, Auntie Janis

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