Wedded Bliss

So. Many. Weddings.

Last weekend, my dear friend Jana married the lovely Caleb. It was a beautiful ceremony, during which the moms cried, the bridesmaids cried (save for Catherine), and the groomsmen shed a tear or two. The photographer was extraordinary and there was much fun had by all while taking pictures. The speeches at the reception were funny and touching, and the dance was a regular hootenanny. I had a great time, and it was so nice to be a part of two very special people's wedding day.

This morning, I woke up bright and early to watch the Royal Wedding. Originally, I didn't care about the marriage of Kate and William, but over the past month I've become increasingly smitten with the Royal couple. Mostly, I think, because Kate is living the dream that every eight year old girl creates for themselves as soon as they've seen a Disney film - a handsome prince falls hopelessly in love with a mere commoner, and she becomes a beloved princess. The wedding was beautiful, her dress was beautiful, and I was touched by the secret smiles they shared throughout the ceremony. You'd think it was an intimate ceremony instead of 1900 guests, most of whom they probably don't know the names of.

I'm not really a wedding person. Which I know sounds weird after reading my previous two paragraphs. But I don't like talking about flowers and doing seating charts and discussing particulars between two shades of pink for the bridesmaid dresses. I often think it's a lot of planning, time, and money for one very short moment in time.

However, while at Jana's rehearsal, I had a moment of revelation. As Jana and Caleb practiced standing and holding hands while her bridesmaids and his groomsmen stood watching, I realized what a special moment in their and our lives their wedding is. Jana and Caleb had together chosen ten people - friends and family - to stand up on the stage with them as they promised their lives to each other. We are testaments to their characters and their relationship, and it is so special that the bridal party, who have been there for important moments of their lives, get to stand as witnesses to the new chapter of their lives together. It's a beautiful thing.



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