And the Card Attached Would Say...

Everyone likes their friends - in theory at least. Everyone thinks that their friends are loyal and fun and smart and interesting. Why else would they spend time with them?

I have the best friends, though. I often wonder how it is that I've managed to meet and befriend some of the smartest, funniest, most kind, thoughtful, interesting, clever, and loyal people on the planet. I marvel at the fact that, somehow, we've managed to find enough to talk about after six months, a year, ten years, a lifetime, and we still like each other; that I still laugh obnoxiously at their jokes; that they sometimes laugh at mine; that we've had fights over boys and clothes and secrets told and jobs stolen and inconsiderate comments, but we've made up and patched up.

So to my friends, pals, confidants, should've-been-sisters/brothers:
Thanks for the hours spent drinking coffee/tea/hot chocolate together. Thanks for words of encouragement. Thanks for the honest criticism. Thanks for lying when I needed it. Thanks for making me feel special and loved when I didn't feel like either. Thanks for making me laugh, a lot. Thanks for listening. Thanks for sharing your life stories and philosophies. Thanks for reading The Hunger Games. Thanks for suffering through my boring thoughts about history. Thanks for sharing my love of YouTube. Thanks for sharing your music. Thanks for your notes that helped me pass the course. Thanks for the cake. Thanks for the earrings. Thanks for putting up with all the cat hair. Thanks for praying for me. Thanks for being awesome.

Thank you for being a friend.



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