All Aboard the FailPost

B'yz, time for a blog post, I spose! So much for the updating twice a week, like I said I would...

Luckily, I have been sticking to my fitness regime. I go to the gym at least 4 times a week, and I try to go for a walk if it's nice out, too. But it's almost never nice out, so that hasn't been happening much. I've definitely kicked up my cardio workout, so I do an hour of cardio a day (50 minutes if I'm not in the mood for 10 minutes of the treadmill), and I lift a few weights every now and then, too. I haven't really cut down much on my calorie intake, but it's coming. Soon I will bite the bullet and say goodbye to ice cream and a begrudging hello to carrots.

Other news? Um... nothing? I think if I updated more regularly I might have more to say. The past week and half/two weeks have been pretty much consumed by my online course, which is over on Friday. I had to write two papers a few weeks ago, and this last week I wrote one paper and wrote/edited our group project. I pretty much hate this course because it's taught me absolutely nothing, except that online group projects are the worst idea ever. It's had enough writing a paper in a group when you're all meeting up in the same space, but online timing is just the worst! Especially because half of my group is in Vancouver, some are in New York state, and I'm on the far east coast. It's impossible to coordinate deadlines, because by the time everyone else submits things at 8:00pm, it's 12:30 here and I'm dropping. I'll probably rant more about this course once I've completed it, and give it a full shredding.

My camera has broken, too, so I've got to send it away to get repaired. This means no photos for a while, even though I vowed to post more photo blogs. Soon, friends. Soon.

ALSO: I've changed my blog url BACK to People seemed to have a hard time warming up to the new url, so we've reverted back. Apologies for those who have to change their RRS feeds again. I give you permission to hate me once again.



Marion said…
I'll forgive you this time, but only because I like you. Besides, I like to whine loudly and for unacceptable reasons, so changing your url around gave me an excuse to do so.

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