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 I've been meaning to write this post since last Monday, but work, family stuff, general merriment, and TV box sets have prevented me from doing so. But now, I write: My dear friend Robyn , who lives in Corner Brook, is moving away this fall to teach in New Brunswick. This makes me simultaneously happy and sad, as many things seem to do lately; I'm happy she is pursuing her career, sad that it has to happen so far away from me. In an attempt to have one last hurrah with Robz before she abandons this province, another dear friend, Wheels , and I road tripped across this great province to visit her. What resulted was one of the best weekends in recent memory, filled with new friends, excellent Tim Hortons sandwiches, alpacas and llamas, and, almost literally, endless laughter. On Friday we stopped in Gander to see Kayla and Gavin. It turned out that Thomas Amusements was in town, so we, in the spirit of the pre-teens that we were when we last went to the fair, squeale