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The Talented Mr. Matt Damon

I talk a lot about books and I watch a lot of TV, but I don't often talk about movies. This is sort of because I don't really love  movies the way I love  TV. I love television because the multiple episodes and series gives time for character development and intricate plot lines, not to mention running themes that span over seasons and bring continuity to the whole story. Oh hai Matt, welcome to my blog! But I do like movies and I go to the theatre fairly often, and there are a particular type that I must see on the big screen, regardless of genre or plot or price: movies starring Matt Damon. When I was about 11 years old, my aunt rented Good Will Hunting . I was clearly too young to watch it or understand the plot, but I did anyway. I was initially attracted to it because Robin Williams, of Jack  fame, was in it. I remember not really understanding much of the story on a symbolic level, but it sparked my life-long love affair with Matt Damon. At first I thought he


"I like being a fat girl because I can eat whatever I want and it doesn't matter - I'm already fat." - jpmetz I love TLC. Whenever I'm meandering around the house, folding laundry or washing dishes or getting ready for bed, I turn on channel 41 and see what show promoting extreme behaviour is on now. The other night I tuned in just as I was settling into bed and I caught the opening of a show I haven't seen before: Big Sexy. If you haven't seen or heard of Big Sexy , it's a show following five plus sized women who are all trying to "make it" in the fashion/make-up/modelling world in New York City. The girls are varying shapes and sizes, but they are all over size 16 and claim to love their bodies. At first I had high hopes for this show: it seemed like an interesting concept and maybe would even evoke positive change in perceptions of beauty. But the more I watched, the more I realized that the show isn't really about loving yourse

"Terse and Tasty": The Summer That Ended Up Not Sucking

My absence from this blog over the past month is inexcusable, but I will make excuses anyway. Many milestones have occurred in a short period of time, and I've got a lot of blog posts just waiting to make their debut on the internet. However, this particular entry will be dedicated solely to the fact that this summer, which started out pretty bleak, ended up not sucking. On the contrary: it rocked out towards the end. The weather in St. John's was complete garbage for pretty much all of June and July, which explains partly why I was in this weird depressed funk for a while. I find that when I get sad, suddenly everything that makes me unhappy, both past and present, come rushing to the fore and I get bummed out to the nth degree. So I was pretty grumpy for the first two-thirds of the summer. Then something magical happened: road trips. I darted out to Gander several times, which I've already mention in a blog post , and then hit up the west coast, which you can read a