Since my friend Lilly has been posting on her blog like a fiend lately, I feel like I need to update mine so she cannot harass me as I harass her for updates. I've been less inclined to post lately as well since my computer was under repair for a little mishap involving Pepsi, my keyboard, and the spilling of the former into the latter. Luckily, $400 and three weeks later, my MacBook has returned home no worse for wear and I am able to access the internet all the time again! Yay!

I'm in one of those states of mind where nothing and everything are happening simultaneously; Nothing of ground-breaking importance has shaken me to the core, but my life is so full of people and events. My amazing friend Karen and I lead Bible study on Tuesdays and teach Sunday School on Sundays, both of which take up more time than I originally anticipated. For a couple Thursdays now I've been heading to the home of Zach and Beth Hynes (you should read her blog; she doesn't write often but when she does it's worth reading!) for a communal dinner, which has been so nice. It's so lovely to meet new people who are friendly and interesting and like conversation. The rest of my week is filled with grocery shopping and laundry and reading and watching Modern Family and coffee and movies and celebrations for various milestones.

As much as I said I was sick of being in school, now that I'm working, I miss it. I miss lots of things about it - meeting people in class; discussions where no one's wrong or right - everyone is just discussing; the feeling of accomplishment after finishing a paper; learning new things. I miss that my time was my own, so if I didn't want to go to class, I didn't have to; if I needed to stay up late finishing a paper, it was ok to be tired the next day. I miss meeting people on campus for coffee, or running around feeling frazzled and important because I needed to meet 5 people in an hour.

SO, dear readers, I've decided to go back to school part time in January. I'm only planning on taking one night class, but I am so looking forward to it. I'm also planning on going back to school in the fall - where, I'm not sure yet. But something is in the works. I suppose more than anything I've realized that academia is the place for me. And yes, it is tiring. And yes, sometimes it feels completely futile. But talking and philosophizing and reading helps understand the human condition. And, really, what's more important than that?


PS - I am reading Gary Shteyngart's Super Sad True Love Story, as per the recommendation of Jian Ghomeshi, and it's great so far. I will post a review of it as soon as I'm done.


Lilly said…
Listen. I posted this comment once, blogger, so you best post this one this time.

So, okay, I am addicted to academia. Not the whole, you know, assignments and tests or anything, but you know what I love? Presentations. I know everyone was always bitching about having to do them, but holy crap, getting the attention of a bunch of people who probably are a)smarter than me and b) more focused than me and rocking their world with a presentation was always my thing. I miss the excitement/nervousness that lead up to it, the laughter and interest I got during it, and the hot DAMN marks I got for them.

Basically, I miss being a superstar. I was good at being a student, comfortable in my role, and now that I'm out in the 'real' world, I don't know what to do with myself. So I take three more online courses. I would LOVE to go back for my masters, but I think I need to work a bit before I can do that. Mainly so my education degree doesn't feel too useless.


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