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I got a tattoo!! This is sort of old news now, as it's been a week and almost everyone has seen it, whether on Facebook or in person. But I wanted to talk about WHY I wanted it and WHAT it means to me. I think tattoos are cool. Sometimes people get images in places on their bodies and I think "Ew. That was not a good decision." But mostly I think tattoos are a fun way to express yourself. We have these huge blank canvasses (some more huge than others), and it think inking something permanently into your skin is a way to tell people a vital piece of information about yourself before even opening your mouth. I love how tattoos promote questions and discussion. I love learning about why a person valued a quote or a word or a name or an owl or a mushroom enough to display it on their skin. My tattoo reads: Mere words! Was there anything so real as words?  It's the tail end of a quote from Oscar Wilde's one novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray : Words! Mere words!