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Glitter! So Much Glitter!

This is a blog post about nail polish. You have been warned. I like nail polish. I used to like nail polish a lot when I was younger, but then somewhere between junior high and becoming socially aware, I convinced myself that fat girls weren't allowed to try and look pretty, because trying to look good would make them seem more desperate and needy than they already seemed, so it was easier and safer to be plain and blend in. So I stopped wearing colour on my face and nails and clothes. And then sometime this past summer, for reasons still unknown to me, I decided " screw that! " and quickly immersed myself in all things beauty-related. Unlike clothing, makeup and nail polish and jewellery always fit. My most indulgent of beauty products (aside for mascaras and eyeliners), is nail polish. My entire collection has been amassed since August, and mostly since November. You will notice that I have a particular attraction to glitter. I'm sorry. But you know what they say

Back To The Books

It's Sunday night. I am watching the Golden Globes because it is, let's be honest, the best of the awards shows. I thought I would write a blog explaining what I'm doing in life right now, since people seem to ask frequently and my responses vary in their clarity and succinctness. I'm back at MUN full-time this semester. I'm taking three undergraduate courses and auditing one. Some of you may ask: "Jillian! Why are you back at MUN when you already have a degree?" My answer would be this: I have decided that my MA at UBC wasn't really the right career path, so I am applying for Masters programs, all in Ontario, in the area of Communications. I haven't actually taken any classes in Communications, though, so I thought I would go and get some undergraduate experience. You now may ask: "Well, Jillian, that's all well and good, but what do you plan to do with that?" And to that I say: I have a goal of working with the CBC as a researcher

The Tip of the Tongue

My friend Courtney is the kind of person who is unintentionally profound and who speaks wisdom when I am least expecting it. She is strong and opinionated and doesn't just believe God loves her - she knows it. She has exposed truth in Scripture to me often without realizing how much it rattles and surprises me. I love her a lot. We were talking about the power of words, as I have discussed on this blog a few times (see  here  and  here ), and I was rambling on and on, as I am prone to do, about the power of the written word. I was thinking about my book collection and the essays I've read, and how they have affected me and how I want them to resonate with others, too. Courtney agreed, appeasing me as she is so apt to do, and added sort of nonchalantly: "I always forget how powerful the spoken word is, you know. I mean, God created the earth by speaking  it into existence, you know? So maybe our words have the power to be devine, too, you know?" (Courtney says &quo