Back To The Books

It's Sunday night. I am watching the Golden Globes because it is, let's be honest, the best of the awards shows. I thought I would write a blog explaining what I'm doing in life right now, since people seem to ask frequently and my responses vary in their clarity and succinctness.

I'm back at MUN full-time this semester. I'm taking three undergraduate courses and auditing one. Some of you may ask: "Jillian! Why are you back at MUN when you already have a degree?" My answer would be this: I have decided that my MA at UBC wasn't really the right career path, so I am applying for Masters programs, all in Ontario, in the area of Communications. I haven't actually taken any classes in Communications, though, so I thought I would go and get some undergraduate experience. You now may ask: "Well, Jillian, that's all well and good, but what do you plan to do with that?" And to that I say: I have a goal of working with the CBC as a researcher and writer, and this is, supposedly, a good way to make it into journalism and PR.

As for the courses I'm taking, they are as follows: American Film, Communications 2001 and Communications 4000, and I am auditing German Film since 1945. My film classes require watching black and white films, silent films, classics and ones I've never heard of. I'm actually not really a film fan, but I'm hoping that these classes will change that. My communications classes are sort of bland right now, but I'm hoping that they will pick up as the semester progresses.

I'm also back working at the Writing Centre and the Computer Support Desk at MUN. It's kind of weird to go back, especially since I already said my goodbyes and thought I was done. But it's also great to be back, because I like my coworkers and I like the work and I feel like I belong. It's sort of like coming home.

I must promote my sister Kayla's new blog! She's never been much into writing but she has recently decided to give it a try, and her first post is great! If you follow my blog, you should follow hers too - why not?



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