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Belated Reviews: The Alchemist and Seriously... I'm Kidding

I haven't posted in 3 million years (give or take). I have been meaning to. I have about four blog entries that I've started but haven't found the time/motivation to complete them, mostly because I've developed this kind of fear of not posting perfect blogs (perfect in the sense of grammar and spelling, etc.). Not sure why, really, since I don't think my audience has grown or shrunk significantly. Maybe I have lost some readers, which is fair since I apparently don't post anymore. Anyway, we are into the season of Lent and I have given up watching YouTube videos and watching TV in an effort to spend more time on school, reading, and with people. I have hardly finished any books I've started in the past two months, and I needed that to change. So today I have for you two book reviews of books I have finished in the past week. Yay! The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho I picked up this book when one of my favourite YouTube beauty vloggers, Fleur de Force ,