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Censorship: My Blog's Gone All 1984

Someone asked me the other day if I was still blogging. I said yes, and then said no, and then said "that's a difficult question." Early in March, my dear friend Robyn came all the way from New Brunswick to visit during her March break. As we often do when together, we looked at blogs and shared our favourite topics to read about, and inevitably we turned to discussing our own blogs. Robyn is an avid blogger, or rather, used to be, and I always enjoy reading her insightful posts. But as we talked more about the evolution of blogging, Robyn  made the sort of off-hand comment that all blogs are sort of the same, so who needs to read what I post? I thought about that. I thought about the blogs I read - varying from book reviews to nail and makeup reviews to life as a female academic - and I thought: maybe that's true. Maybe what I'm putting out into the world doesn't actually matter. And maybe no one cares. Writing a blog is a very narcissistic thing.