On Birthdays: An Ode to Wheels on Her 24th Day Of Birth

Today is my best friend's birthday!

I am very grateful that Wheels was born 24 years ago on this day. Since I can't be there to celebrate in person, I thought I'd dedicate a whole blog post to her on her birthday, listing some facts about the mystical and magical Melissa Wheeler.

1. She loves my cats, even though she is allergic. My cats love her. She communes with all animals and is, in fact, the squirrel whisperer (not pictured, but she is. Trust me.)

Hanging out with Millie, watching Lord Of The Rings

Felix, Kayla's cat, adores her as well.

Wheels even gets along with stick bugs.

Robyn's dogs flock to her.
2. She is a hipster of epic proportions. This hipster-ness, while slightly affected, results in fun things sometimes, like playing trivia or bringing a ukelele along for a road trip or shopping at Urban Outfitters.

Playing "I'm Yours" at 1:30am at SASF is definitely not annoying.

Hipster women are encouraged to wear (fake) moustaches.

3. There is no one in the world who knows more about music trivia (except maybe Chuck Klosterman) than Wheels. Her knowledge spans decades and countries and she corrects my lyrics 98% of the time, and the 2% that she isn't she is holding back because she does it too much. She is useful to have on a trivia team.
Winning music trivia (19/20 on a technicality) at SASF retreat

4. She is adventurous. Often when an event or outing is suggested, Wheels won't even ask questions: "Ok, I'll go." As such, we laugh a lot and have a grand time exploring. Sometimes it's not great (such as the insectarium in Deer Lake because EW) but sometimes it's awesome (such as the Beothuk centre in Boyd's Cove).
Climbing The Moose in Deer Lake, after which the antler broke. #bygones

Looking like a serial killer at the incredible museum in Twillingate.

5. She is a pop culture fiend, like myself, and so we can talk and laugh about the internet and actors and movies and TV shows for hours and not get bored. Also, we can buy matching novelty T-Shirts and think it's hilarious.

We are family at Corps Retreat, 2011

Wheels a great friend to have just a text message away. She makes me LOL, and she makes me feel important and wise, and she listens to me talk about things she doesn't care about (like nail polish and makeup and boy problems) because she is a great friend and I am blessed to have her in my life!

Happy birthday, Wheels! Can't wait til your quarter-century crisis next year!


Maria said…
When I was 10, Mel gave me music education because I couldn't name any of the songs on the radio. She gave me a cassette and told me to listen to the radio every night and record the songs I liked, haha. We used to listen to 'Name it and claim it' on Magic97 and Mel would always know the song!!
Robyn McHugh said…
I love you two!!!!

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