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Do You Fear What I Fear?: Or, the Unnecessary Christmas Homage Title

Sometimes, I am paralyzed by fear. Often it happens unexpectedly, and other times I know exactly when I'll freeze up. The things that make me scared are many and varied. Some of them are so benign that it's insane to even spend any time thinking of them; others are more real and raw. Here is a list of some of the things I fear, in no particular order: ingesting cleaning products having an aneurism that no man will ever fall in love with me that I will never fall in love with a man that the man I love and the man who loves me will not be the same person not being as smart as my peers my professors not thinking I am smart or eloquent being too smart and seeming arrogant and aloof that I will never meet Don Miller touching raw chicken; getting salmonella  checking my bank account speaking in public to my peers a man like Mitt Romney being president someday that I will someday just end up alone in a rented apartment eating my way through tubes of Pillsbury cookie do

Bracing for Impact

I asked a friend the other day what they were most proud of in their life. After prolonged contemplation, they said they're proud of how they treat people. That struck me as both beautiful and unexpected. It's a question I've never been asked, and, surprisingly, to which haven't really given much thought. I suppose if someone had asked me a few months ago, I would have said something school or work related, like winning a SSHRC or some review I'd written, or maybe even that Jian Ghomeshi had tweeted at me (3 times - I'm practically an internet celebrity). But when I thought about it, I think what I'd say I'm most proud of is my independence. I have always been fiercely determined to be self-sufficient. It's not that I don't ask for help, or even that I see seeking advice or assistance as needy - on the contrary! I think knowing when you need help is evidence that you are wise, in tune with yourself, your abilities, and what you require in a p

My One-Time Stint as a Beauty Blogger

So, listen: I know this isn't a beauty blog. I know that some of you who read this might not be particularly excited by or interested in this post. And I understand that, and it's ok if you skip my post this week. I hope you will come back! Now that we've eliminated the haters (because they've definitely gone), I wanted to post about my favourite makeup and beauty products. Reading beauty blogs and watching reviews, tutorials, and beauty hauls is one of my favourite hobbies. Consequentially, I've tried a lot of new products and found a few things that I absolutely love. So I'm going to blog about it! Nail polish: My favourite nail polish brand is nails inc . The first polish I owned from this brand was "london town," the magnetic gold-brown (top right). My mom brought it back as a surprise from Halifax, and I've been hooked ever since. I was especially keen on the brand because all of their products are named after streets or locations