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Exposed: One Week Without Makeup

I've been thinking a lot about makeup lately. Of course, I often think about makeup. I read upwards of 20 beauty blogs daily, watch makeup hauls and tutorials on YouTube regularly, stroll through Sephora and Shoppers once or twice a week. I give nail polish tips to those who ask (and those who don't), leisurely enjoy applying my makeup in the mornings, frequently try different lip-staining techniques to ensure the longevity of a red pucker, take pictures and write reviews on my own beauty blog about my favourite products. All of this makeup indulgence is just that: indulgence. It's a hobby for me. Colour and texture and technique. I like playing with and manipulating products to see what they can do, and how they will change my look. Indulgence. But as much as I claim that makeup is purely fun for me, that's not the whole truth. Makeup is also a crutch. I've been wearing basic makeup since I was about 12 years old. I didn't experiment with bright lipstic