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My Recent Reads & Recommendations

Summer is usually my down time from reading. Throughout the school year, I read a lot of books outside of my course curriculum in order to stay sane, and then summer is dedicated to binge-watching an entire series in a day. But this summer I've been incredibly fortunate to stumble across some really excellent reads, and I thought I'd post some overdue mini-reviews and recommendations for some fantastic books to read this fall. The Cuckoo's Calling  by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling) In case you don't own a TV or a computer or a phone or ever check Facebook or Twitter or the internet ever, I have a surprise for you: J.K. Rowling released a book under a pseudonym this year! You can only imagine how elated I was when I heard the news. I mean, she gave us The Casual Vacancy not even a year ago, and now another  book!? I was in reading heaven. I have a lot of good news about The Cuckoo's Calling. First: for those who were underwhelmed - or wholeheartedly

The Top 5 British Shows You've Never Seen

A few months ago, I wrote this piece about British shows I loved and tried to get it published across the internet. I didn't have any takers (although it did get me an in to write other things for ), but I still wanted to share it somewhere. I cannot deny the internet knowledge of fantastic television. Enjoy! ____________________________________________________________ British television is great. The internet knows that British television is great. It’s practically impossible to scroll through Tumblr or watch a YouTube vlog without seeing a reference to Doctor Who , or hearing a mispronunciation of Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s name, or catching a spoiler for an episode of Misfits that you haven’t yet gotten to in your Netflix queue. There are some great series that have made it across the pond and into North American vernacular – Being Human, The Inbetweeners and The Hour , to name a few. But there are a slew of other brilliant British se