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Giving Thanks

I've given it a lot of thought, and I've decided that Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday. Thanksgiving is almost a sneaky holiday. While we're all so busy getting everything settled away from the mayhem that is September and prepping for the sugar-coma that is Halloween, Thanksgiving crops up unsuspectingly on the second Monday of October. People always sort of forget that it's coming, and everyone mutters "Oh yeah, Thanksgiving! What date is that this year?" at least twice before the holiday rolls around. Thanksgiving is not a holiday about presents or decorations or music. No one worries that they haven't bought enough candy or gambles on the last sunny weekend of the fall in order to get the outside lights up in time. We needn't have a moment of silence and wear red poppies pinned to our jackets - a symbolic gesture which no one knows quite the precise politically correct moment to start and stop. The 25 Thanksgivings I've experienced in