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My 2014 Wish List

It's mid-February. I'm in the trenches of my final semester and trying to balance three jobs with a full course load, preparing for our graduate conference, fulfilling completely useless TA training hours, applying for jobs post-graduation, correcting a seemingly insurmountable pile of grading, and learning how to cross stitch. I'm sleep deprived, over-caffeinated, and on the verge of tears daily. (Truth be told, I'm not even on the verge; most days I shed a tear or two or hundreds, but only in the shower, so as not to ruin my makeup.) Because I have a ten-page section of my Major Reasearch Project to research and write in the next five days, for three of which I will be out of town, I've decided to not write that and instead make a wish list for things I want that would make my life less stressful and much easier. (We could also rename this post: How I Want to Solve My First World Problems.) A machine that pumps caffeine directly into my blood stream. Bonus fea