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Take Today

For the past four months, I've been operating in hyperdrive. I assure you - this has been out of necessity rather than natural inclination. I like to be busy, but I like my busyness to include time for baking and leisurely makeup application and long night walks and dedicating a whole day to finishing a book and discovering TV gems hidden in the bowels of Netflix. This semester didn't really let me do that. I like being busy because I get a lot done. I am infinitely more productive when I have deadlines to meet than when I have an endless amount of time to dawdle around the internet at will. However, this semester seemed like a never-ending cascade of deadlines, and as soon as I completed something I had to do, there were three other tasks queued up in front of me. I stopped opening my day planner in mid-February, because there was no space left to write anything, and all the red pen and different coloured highlighted due dates gave me a stress headache. It was early March