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Standing Still is Hard

I just finished watching season 2 of Orange is the New Black  on Netflix (it's amazing and I will probably write something about it in the near future). I usually skip a show's intro when I am binge-watching, because, as every serious TV consumer knows, time is precious when you're trying to squeeze 13 hours of entertainment into as few days as possible. Skipping a one minute repetitive intro equals about 1/3 of an episode, and I am all about efficiency of viewing. For the uninitiated, Orange is the New Black  opens up with Regina Spektor singing about animals being trapped in a cage, and how they have all this free time without the freedom to do anything. It's an excellent metaphor for the show. But there's one line in particular that resonated even as I forwarded through the intro: Think of all the roads Think of all their crossings Taking steps is easy Standing still is hard As I walked home from school on the afternoon I submitted the final assignment of