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In Other News

Oh hey.

I've experienced a bit of a writing lull lately. I've taken over a month off, which was completely unintentional. I've had a lot of things I wanted to write about, but I just didn't. I'm approaching my 6 month anniversary of finishing my MA, and I think maybe it's taken me this long to recuperate. I've been enjoying the freedom of having an event or something I've read spark an idea, ruminate on that thought for a couple of days, and then not have to write about it because I don't have any deadlines or due dates!

Anyway, since life has been forging mightily on, I thought I'd do some pointed updates:

On the job front:
I start a new job as a receptionist/computer wizard on Wednesday. It's at a family medical clinic, where my coworkers are three doctors (two of whom also specialize in obstetrics and gynaecology), a nurse, and another receptionist. I've been doing training there twice a week for about five weeks, and I really love it.…