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I Am Here.

This year has been brutal. The details matter but aren't best shared here. I'll just say I've experienced bullying, isolation, loneliness, and purposelessness for such a prolonged time and by/from people I deeply cared about that my anxiety and depression have been regular companions for the past seven months. I think humans have two fundamental needs that keep us going and fulfilled in our lives: we need to feel loved, and we need to feel like our existence on this earth matters. And I think the fear of not having those things - fear that I am unlovable, fear that my existence doesn't matter - is what can lead you to some bad places. I'm beyond lucky/blessed/fortunate - any word of gratitude fits: throughout the past months, I've never once felt unloved. My family and friends have gone above and beyond to support me in basically every way imaginable. They've listened, offered very sound advice, reassured me that I'm not crazy, fed me cookies, left